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Spider-Man Unlimited (1999)

Spider-Man Unlimited

Release Year: 1999

Ratings: IMDB: 6.6/10 Metascore: N/A RT: N/A

Duration: 30 mins

Genres: Action, Adventure, Animation, Crime, Family, Sci-Fi, Thriller,

Country: USA,

Actors: Akiko Morison, Brian Drummond, Christopher Gaze, Dale Wilson, David Sobolov, Jennifer Hale, John Payne, Kimberly Hawthorne, Michael Donovan, Rhys Huber, Richard Newman, Rino Romano, Ron Halder, Scott McNeil, Tasha Simms,

Director: Without information

Synopsis: Spider-Man Unlimited: Covering a shuttle launch to the planet known as Counter-Earth, Peter Parker discovers the symbiote villians, Venom and Carnage, boarding the craft as it launches. When he is unable to stop them as Spider-Man and contact is lost with the shuttle, he is blamed for the disaster and hunted until he is believed to have been killed in a fire. Peter does survive and is content to lie low until he learns that the crew is alive, but trapped on Counter-Earth. Gaining a new costume and weapons from Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, he boards a second shuttle to rescue the crew and travels to the planet. Shot down, he finds must get involved in a fight against the tyranny of the planet's ruler, The High Evolutionary and distorted copies of his old enemies on this new world.

Spider-Man Unlimited Episodes

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